Michelle always thought of taking something neutral and ordinary in life and making it more “fantastical”. She did a doodle drawing the one day of an octopus hanging over the Nelson Mandela Bridge and decided to venture on with the octopus. It was told to her that drawing such a creature, could possibly symbolize her “spirit animal “, allowing herself to learn other aspects of her life. Timing was amazing as she started sketching the creature just before the idea of travelling even more popped into her mind. Seeing the immense details in an octopus as well as coral just amazed her and so she decided to take it further to create these series. 

Her preferred mediums are black ink pen, graphite pencil and watercolour paint. She likes the originality of hand-drawn artworks as every artist has a special technique as well as truth to ones emotions. Colour combinations she enjoys are monochrome, it allows the detailed hand drawings to speak for itself.

Michelle would hope for a numerous amount of emotions, for people to feel differently about every piece. Evoking different feelings allows each person to see the uniqueness of each piece of art. Feel weird, feel amazed , feel something new ! 

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Michelle Clair 


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