The main inspiration of all of her artwork is movement. She loves to experiment with different mediums to create motifs and then play around with different applications of colour, line, and texture to create seemingly multi-dimensional surfaces. 

Joy Ezkeka from Zuri + Imani

Joy is inspired by elements (lines, shapes, colour and patterns) unique to different African regions, to create designs rooted in the African context.

Mitchell + Santos

'Obsessed with colour, pattern, plants, and both the simplicity of the modern as well as old world beauty, I have created Mitchell and Santos, focusing on the design of beautiful patterns for any surface application.’


Michelle Clair

Michelle would hope for a numerous amount of emotions, for people to feel differently about every piece. Evoking different feelings allows each person to see the uniqueness of each piece of art. Feel weird, feel amazed , feel something new ! 

Mary Jean

Her fathers love of geology meant that all my childhood holidays were spent road tripping across southern Africa to remote areas to find and collect different gemstones and minerals. These trips brought about a great love for Southern Africa and a desire to explore more of the African continent, not only its geology but cultures, history and artworks. 

Marvin Rampai

Marv's inspiration mostly comes from different shapes that he sees every day, shapes that are sometimes invisible to other people’s eyes. But mostly he gathers his inspiration from flowers, they remind us that through everything we go through, there is some good that can bloom inside us. They are little pieces of beauty that can be used as a peace offering, and that alone can create happiness for a long time.

Martina Banozic

Croatian designer, graduated textile design at Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb in 2016 with MA degree. After gaing first industry experience working for fashion and accessories brand, she decided to focus on designing for interiors and homeware market. Her main interest is to explore all possibilities of textiles and surfaces, regardless of material. Banozic´s passion is for graphic print, bold use of color and architectural forms , which is clear to see in her minimalistic but effective collection

Lyndsay Catherine

Lyndsay works mainly with archived materials and create collages based on colour and from in order to combine elements together making them seem as if they were always entwined. The richness and beauty of nature never fails to inspire!

Karabo Mokaila

Karabo is inspired by the development of African renaissance to rebrand African design, craft and to adhere to the notions of personal identity and African cultural preservation by reexamining and solidifying the capacity of African design in moderation to create or express a feeling. In a sense of promoting Pan Africanism to a global contemporary audience, to not only satisfy the needs of a modern society but also satisfy the aesthetic aspirations of my culture and motive as a modern hybrid African.

Glorinah Mabaso

On the other hand, her furniture range is largely founded in modernistic art, and this combination of tribal pattens and modern furnishings, creates a beautiful balance symbolising Glorinah's personality.

Eva Sonaike

The company’s ethos 'Bringing Colour to Life' is reflected in its signature collections of cushions, bags, stationery, fabrics and furnishings using textiles designed by Eva Sonaike, combined with the finest velvets and leathers.

Emphasis is placed on hand finishing, distinct designs and high quality manufacturing.

Bonny Breytenbach

Bonny is inspired by how light, colour and form affects human experience, provoking emotional and even physiological responses. Vivid colour is tempered by strong graphic or textural forms that bring balance and structure to the designs, creating a sense of energetic harmony. 

Anne Maggs

On the well-rounded side herself, Maggs, the mother of two daughters in their twenties, had long been concerned about what she saw to be a rapidly growing trend – unlike the life-drawing model, people were generally unhappy in their own skin. Well Rounded confronts this and celebrates the human form in all shapes and sizes, rather than conforming to an ideal of perfection that is unrealistic.

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