Marvin Rampai


Marv was born in Krugersdorp, but later moved to the Vaal Triangle. Drawing action figures and cars was the first thing he ever got introduced to. In most cases he would look at the model and then try to challenge himself later, trying to draw it without looking at it. His skill got better the more he grew up. But the more he grew up, the more his world became bigger and the more his subject matter broadened. He got introduced to computer based graphic design in 2009 when he first started college (and for a second he almost took some IT course, he is glad that did not go well). Plants have always been his preferred subject until he could find different meanings in all of them.


Marv's inspiration mostly comes from different shapes that he sees every day, shapes that are sometimes invisible to other people’s eyes. But mostly he gathers his inspiration from flowers, they remind us that through everything we go through, there is some good that can bloom inside us. They are little pieces of beauty that can be used as a peace offering, and that alone can create happiness for a long time.

The colour combinations he enjoys are light warm or light cool colour combinations. An emotion of calmness he would say are the emotions that his designs would provoke because he believes every detail is easy to look at and be satisfied.