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A Scottish textile graduate with an MA in Fashion & Textiles from Heriot Watt University in Galashiels and a BA in Graphic Design from Maidstone College of Art in Kent. Adrienne has many years experience working in London and Edinburgh in graphic design, illustration, advertising and surface pattern design for textiles. 

Her love for pattern, print and wallpaper began as a child:

“My father was a painter and decorator in his beloved town of Hawick in the Scottish border countryside and many relatives of my family worked in the textile industry there. Growing up I remember the distinct smell of paint from my father’s workshop and car. Our home always had wallpaper swatch books stacked up for his clients. My schoolbooks were always covered in the coolest patterns of the day”.

Adrienne’s work always starts in her sketchbook withdrawings in pencil, ink or watercolour before being digitised and developed into designs for wallpaper or printed textiles in photoshop or illustrator.Her inspiration and colour palettes can often be trend driven or taken straight from her natural surroundings. She loves the drama of bold florals with striking dark and bright colour pops. She also loves the balance and calm which canbe created for interior solutions using a more muted, quiet colour palette. Her designs are an eclectic mix of designs which can work individually or be used in various combinations together.