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Onyeka Igwebuike

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Onyeka Igwebuike is a surface pattern designer based in Abuja, Nigeria, who enjoys exploring new mediums for creative expression. Creating patterns and jewelry with polymer clay sparked an interest in digital illustrations and designs. Her work reflects her interest in nature, history and colour theory, mostly designed to be controlled, soft and modern.

Faces of Old – Spending the Christmas holidays in my village with my family, meant we got to see masquerades and dance in the square. It was always interesting to see the masks and pick our favourite dancing masquerade. These designs are inspired by the masks which rely on the onlookers to deduce their own read of the masquerade’s emotions. 

Anya Awu – The sun in our eyes, leads us to sometimes do a double take, what do you see? Ovals, Faces or Eyes? Using simple shapes in a simple way lends this pattern an ease that is retro modern. 

Catty Foliage – This was inspired by a combination of leopard skin spots and summer florals, to achieve these cheerful arrangements. This collection is bright and fresh with careful curated colours that add to its character. 

Whistling Palms – If you are ever in Abuja during the harmattan season, the trees in town make a whistling sound when its windy, the rustling of the dried leaves and popping seed pods surrounds me every day.

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