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Nicole Shorthouse is an artist and pattern designer based in Los Angeles, California.


Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nicole developed a love of nature, color, and whimsy from an early age.  After studying art at NYU, Nicole developed her love of pattern through printmaking. 


Her artwork is inspired by the beauty of nature and shapes, in which she creates colorful, whimsical patterns and designs,  Her work is created through drawing, printmaking, painting and collage, and through her curiosity and love of creating, her work is continually evolving.  

The inspiration behind ‘Waving Flowers’ was the vibrancy of the color of flowers in the summer.  This summer, we traveled to the Grand Canyon and were in continual awe of the beauty of the color and warmth of the Canyon.  Waving Flowers encapsulates the simplicity and beauty that nature inspires.


‘Chalk Shapes’ is inspired by my love for abstract art and how shapes can convey such wonder to the viewer.  I love the playfulness and whimsy that abstract shapes inspire.


‘Abstract Tulips’ was created through my experimentation with printmaking, and in particular relief printmaking.  Simple shapes and uneven lines always create such a spark for imagination.  Seeing how an artist’s hands can create such beauty and simplicity through shapes and lines is amazing.


‘Flower Burst’ was inspired by my love of flowers and color.  Flowers can always inspire wonder, and with the combination of bright, bold colors, the possibilities to lift one’s spirit are endless. 

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