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Franco Moz was born in Johannesburg and in his early childhood he went on regular holidays to KwaZulu Natal and the Kruger Park. Here he discovered his love for adventure and the African bush and lush, tropical Natal forests.

As a nature lover, the beauty of nature and the African bush inspires his designs in a major way. His designs are bold and dramatic, the leaves are life sized and almost tangible. It could be described as realistic enough to feel like you are immersed in a forest. Although his work does feel realistic, it’s still painterly and stylized.

Franco believes there is a delicate balance between realism and art, which is why his designs also displays exquisite depth and contrast. The application of his designs on wallpaper immerses the viewer into the African forests, while his newly founded love for fabric designs brings to life everything loved about South African bushes and landscapes.

He loves the natural colour palette, greens and yellows, and the colours of minerals and gemstones. Nature combines colours and all sorts of ways, which is perfect for the application of his wondrous designs on both fabric and wallpaper.