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Lyndsay Catherine is the founder and creative director of Ark Papers. Qualified in a BA Fine Art, Thesis, BA Education. 

Lyndsay works mainly with archived materials and create collages based on colour and from in order to combine elements together making them seem as if they were always entwined. The richness and beauty of nature never fails to inspire!

Digital printing is the only way she can illustrate the beauty of the past illustrations without taking away from the original artists work which is the main intention behind her work, to celebrate the past and bring it into the present with fresh design.

Lyndsay never manipulates the original colour, instead she chooses to find similar tones with various artworks to combine and remix. Elements are selected based on colour and form and then the collaboration between different artists from different centuries occurs, which is the most exciting part!

Lyndsay always try and create a fresh quirky take on a heritage art in order to bring it resurrect it through colour and form. 

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