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Kristin Hulda

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Kristin Hulda du Toit is an interior architect and talented abstract artist based in South Africa. Her collection is inspired by her passion for design, architecture and travel. She enjoys incorporating these elements into her art.


“I am a mixed media artist and designer with a love for making beautiful patterns and shapes. I use strong palettes and bold movements, with a desire to mimic the chaotic beauty of nature. My minimalist compositions balance these wild elements by bringing order and proportion to my pieces.”


Collection Description

A combination of structured linework, strict edges and loose brushstrokes creates a conversation between curiosity and conformity, masculine and feminine, pattern and chaos and ultimately acceptance of them all as part of the holistic human experience. It is the search for balance, is to take a step into the unknown in the search for growth and meaning while one foot remains in a comforting place of stability.

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