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Okhule Only

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“I truly get excited at the sight of a blank page because that is my space to play, to ignite, to create, to inspire and most importantly, to COMMUNICATE.” 


She was born and bred in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg and went to Athlone Girls High School. She studied for her B-Tech degree in Graphic Design at the University of Johannesburg. She has over the years collected numerous Excellence Awards for the work she has produced in the corporate space.


She has long had the desire to venture into clothing and textile design which then brought about the birth of her clothing  brand called Okuhle (Zulu) Only - That which is beautiful. That which is good. 


Okuhle Only was officially born in 2020 (creative work started in 2016) out of the need to not only use her creative talent in the corporate space. She longed for an environment of complete carte blanche, a pure expression of self, drawing from her daily life and inspiration. 


Okuhle Only has grown from just the initial idea of Graphic Designed T-shirts to Textile Prints. 


Inspired by the diverse cultures of South Africa, these designs embody a modern and  fused feel of Mzansi. Less is more - is her philosophy when it comes to this collection of patterns. Created to embody the sophisticated African man and woman.


Through the patterns she designs - she would like to evolve the South African traditional attire landscape.

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