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Omokehinde Onabolu

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She grew up with a love for art and a fascination for identifying patterns all around her. Nothing beats the meeting of her pen on a blank sheet of paper. She would also doodle abstract motifs all over her meeting notes . The encouragement of a colleague spurred her to pursue something in this direction. In the process of her search, she came across an online course teaching Surface Pattern Design and therein started her design journey. She loves expressing herself with motifs and seeing her designs come to life in the form of a pattern that can be used for multiple surfaces and purposes.



Drawing lines and seeing them morph into pattern possibilities makes her happy. Even more so sharing this happiness with others. Her love of sharing stems from her African roots which believes in community, where the happiness of one becomes the happiness of all.

This collection has been created to inspire possibilities ensuring that her happiness becomes the happiness of all.

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