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Msasa Designs

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Msasa Design is all about Flowers.


They are a Mum/Daughter Team, Mags the artist and Clare the mover and shaker!

Their combined love and understanding of flowers has taken them on an amazing journey of learning, interpretation, experimenting and growing.


All their work begins with an original water colour painting.  They pride their work by capturing the true essence of the flowers, their details, their textures, colours and character!


It all began in Zimbabwe, farming amongst an abundance of wildflowers and growing a garden bursting with colour, their senses and imagination were awakened every day.  Flowers provided so much more than just beauty, their resilience, their seasonal consistency, and sheer determination to thrive are a few of the learnings they admire.


Through their work, they celebrate the flowers in their unique form, the intricate details of each bloom, the vibrant colours, their strength and presence and the culture and symbolism they represent.


They encourage you to enjoy the experience too, take a PAUSE

see the colours, patterns, textures and shapes.

Let your mind wander to memories and moments these flowers invoke. 

Let the story unfold.

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