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Karabo Mokaila is a contemporary high end textile design and fashion design brand that produces sustainable handmade artefacts from bespoke hand silkscreened/painted/appliquéd textiles and fusing with digital printed textiles for fashion and interior. Bespoke Fashion inspired by ready couture using construction and drapery. 

Karabo is inspired by the development of African renaissance to rebrand African design, craft and to adhere to the notions of personal identity and African cultural preservation by reexamining and solidifying the capacity of African design in moderation to create or express a feeling. In a sense of promoting Pan Africanism to a global contemporary audience, to not only satisfy the needs of a modern society but also satisfy the aesthetic aspirations of my culture and motive as a modern hybrid African.

Karabo like to believe that his designs are communicated in a circumspect way so his use of colour to express a feeling and create interest and balance in his designs by fusing a plethora of colours from minimalism and maximilism to maximize the ability to communicate a complex set of ideas and represent a long sort of descendants of a new African kingdom.

His designs provoke emotional healing because we have a natural desire to connect as people. If your goal is to make people heal it doesn’t matter how they heal. So knowing your story (it can be family, personal or ancestral history) can mediate stress. That’s why I design with pride and civilization. Because I design with purpose..

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