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From pattern to print

We fill spaces with beautiful art.

Which is why we here at Fabric Bank are dedicated to creating beautiful pieces of art just for you. We've built relationships with some of the best local and international designers over the years. Together we source, curate and commission detailed designs, available as wallpaper or fabrics.


Fabric and wallpaper creation

We focus on idea realisation.

Our design and printing services are tailored to fit detailed client briefs. Whether it's designer scatter pillows, bespoke locally-made couches or impressive wallpaper  installations -- we can head-up the production processes so you don't have to. Make use of our specialised design team, and you'll see what we mean.

Locally inspired art

We believe there's real value in collaboration.

We've team up with brilliant local and international designers to develop custom ranges of patterns which are available to print.

Browse through our curated showrooms here. Are you an artist who is keen to collaborate? Head to the designer contact form.

Although we are nestled in the beautiful Jacaranda-filled streets of Johannesburg, our services and products are available worldwide. For more information, head here and send us a message. 



At Fabric Bank, we want to help you create the product of your imagination - whether it be interior decor pieces, corporate installations, your new fashion line or an artistic wall design. We offer tailored design services to meet the weird and wonderful needs of all our clients.



Using digital textile printing, we produce the highest quality printed fabrics on our selection of natural and synthetic textiles. Send our own artwork for print or select a design from our incredible artist and in-house design collections.



Bring a room to life with our Artists Design collections or a custom-designed wallpaper, and trust our team to develop it from concept to your wall.



Fabric Bank offer a solution to produce custom tufted rugs, all made locally in South Africa. There are no minimum order requirements or size limits. Our custom rugs are made from  wool or silka or even a blend. They can be ordered with a custom pile height from 16mm to 22mm. For more information or orders, email

Work Station


Our superhero in-house design team is available to specially design custom artwork according to each client's individual needs.

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