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Our Founder and Director, Shara, is a qualified interior designer and entrepreneur.

After obtaining her qualification, she started experimenting with the art of digital printing and design. This led to the creation and establishment of a small all-round fabric printing solutions company, which has grown into the Fabric Bank we know and love today.


Driven by the beauty of unique design styles across the globe, she strives to establish Fabric Bank as an international design powerhouse.

She likes to start her day right away: with coffee.

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Graphic Designer 

With experience in graphic design and specialising in advertising and marketing, 

Hope Rakau has worked on SA's most loved brands in the past 5 years. Through-the-line from traditional media to digital media. 


His love for soccer is evident in how he started saying: 

"Oh my Messi, when he's shocked. He says, "I dont use God's name in vain. So I say the next BEST thing."


Hope has an art brand he is passionate about and believes it to be one to look out for. 

For now, he crafts awesome graphics from the computer to the interior spaces people love. 


"I believe that the people who find their true passion are the ones who change the world"



Administrative Manager

Sporting a Diploma in Human Resources and over 7 years of experience in professional office management, Zakithi has a strong track record to perform in high volume and high pressure environments. Which is why she is our secret weapon.


Zakithi can pretty much manage everything, from administrative duties, shipping, finance, sales and client relations. She will likely be your first point of contact when dealing with us, and we won't have it any other way.

Za is also Insta-famous- give her a follow @zarh-zulu




Print Operator

Our do-er of all things print, Brenda was born and bred in South Africa.

She knows how to handle the heavy machinery from printers to heat presses,  she's a woman on a mission to success. We don't have to explain why she is our print operator supreme -- but she makes sure that each and every order is quality checked and printed to perfection. 

Brenda is our own Maria Sharapova on the tennis court.




Artist Manager

After Candace completed her B-Tech , she started her very own interior design business named Speakspaces.


When she's not documenting and creating spaces, she manages our Artist Collections. She loves learning about each artist and how their world and surroundings influence their style of textile design.

Design depicting freedom and expression drives Candace.




Tatum loves all things to do with design. From keeping up with  the latest fashion trends to  

exploring new ideas for interior spaces


She has a passion for creativity and finding unique ways of expressing a story through art and design.


In her free time she is at the gym or traveling to utilize her time

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