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What started out as a casual fitting session for a fashion show, progressed into an idea that then turned into a functional art piece for the home.
A collaboration between Fabric Bank and the creative genius, Sir Abner.
After seeing how beautifully haunting and dreamlike the models' fitting photos turned out, Sir Abner decided to apply the images to fabric to create a new narrative and explore the idea of the honest consciousness of one's dreams. 

The selected model's images were printed onto an organic cotton and hung in a room to see what effect they would create.... An ethereal piece of moving art.


Design: Mmametsi

Price : R890 ex vat 

More about the artist: Sir Abner

Curtain size : W140cm x H280cm

Fabric type: 100% Organic Cotton.

Curtain type: Eyelet Tops

Lead time: 2 days (Pre-made)

Ts and Cs apply. To view our Terms & Conditions click here

Single Drop Ready Made | Mmametsi

  • W140cm x H280cm

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