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Papillon Patterns
by Sara T

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Meet Sara. A surface pattern designer and calligrapher based in Canada , currently living in New Brunswick. Her creative purpose is to create art that brings joy and hope to lives all around the world. 

Sara’s work is inspired by the colours and beautiful nature of Canada. Sara and her family do a lot of road trips from province to province in Canada where she pays attention to the details of all lines and curves around her.

All of her designs begin with a simple sketch on paper or an imagined pattern on a surface. She then  brings them to life digitally where she plays around with composition and colour to create her beautiful patterns. 

By creating these patterns, she is able to share her love of art and nature with others and aims to bring hope and happiness to people when they enjoy her work.

This collection is full of dreams, colourful dreams that can take you to an ancient world where people were learning how to express themselves through  syllabic scripts. In this world, you are surrounded with colorful floral lines and shapes making you realize how happy we can live on this planet earth. All you see is nature, the sunrise and sunset, and your own perception of life in your daily routine.

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