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Gabriela Dachin

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Gabriela Dachin is a Romanian illustrator and surface designer currently living in the UK. She received her BA in Interior Design in 2017, following MA in Digital Design. During her studies, she discovered the world of surface design and since then, she passionately designs artwork for various surfaces such as wallpaper, stationery, textile and many more. Inspired by nature, plants and flowers, Gabriela uses textures and hand-drawn motifs to bring a unique feel to her work balanced with soft and delicate colour tones.

Inspired by the combination of botanical motifs and rustic organic shapes, this collection is an ode to the enchanting harmony found in the organic world. Each design pays homage to the timeless elegance of flora, capturing the essence of blooming petals and rustic lines. The blending of botanical elements with rustic forms results in a collection that not only celebrates the intrinsic allure of nature but also invites a sense of connection with the outdoors.

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