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Gitty Chemtai

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As an artist, Gitty has always been drawn to different forms and expressions of art. To her, surface design represents functional art, art you can wear, art you can adorn your homes in and beautify simple everyday items with.


She finds her  inspirations through nature and everyday experiences , creating a unique and dynamic aesthetic. 


She is always growing and learning as an artist . Art has always been something that brings her great joy and it is her hope that others can find similar sentiments of joy and serenity through her designs.

Celebration is a collection that comprises patterns and designs which represents the passage of time, constant effort and the valuable experience Gitty has gained through her journey as an artist and designer. This collection is eclectic. It’s content and features show detailed florals and vibrant animal prints. Muted geo motifs and vivid abstract designs. 

It is a celebration of shapes, colours and a life filled with art.

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