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Ke Na Mang (translates to ‘Who Am I’ in Sesotho), is a proudly South African brand established by a DTP Designer. She was born in Soweto and raised in Alberton. She found her passion for art in high school and has been creating her own patterns and designs ever since.


Her influence and inspiration comes from various sources, from her mood to places she has been to and her everyday life. She incorporates both African and Western cultures in her work. Her design style is simplistic yet detailed in illustrating and conveying her interpretation of the world through her eyes.


Away From Home

Away from home, closer to comfort. The Litema style of Sesotho mural art, which consists of ornamental and geometric designs, was the inspiration for this collection.  


Inspired by the most radiant part of Venda womens’ clothing, the top part of the traditional garment, made from vibrant multi-coloured striped cloth.


This collection was inspired by ordinary life, routine, and the fact that no matter how chaotic things become, they always find their place.    


The flow and order of nature is magical, how it knows what needs to be done, how everything works together harmoniously. This collection was inspired by the horizon and coast, where the ocean meets the sky and where the land meets the ocean.


The collection is inspired by the four elements in nature, fire for warmth, water to cleanse, air to breathe and earth to keep grounded.    

Vertical Mess 

Obstacles of life create a disorder, but always come together to create a montage that fits perfectly. 


A journey into the unknown to understand what is conflicting in our lives and as we get closer to clarity we see the beauty of the road travelled. 

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