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Laura Bagnera

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Laura Bagnera is an illustrator and print designer. She lives in Milan where she works from her studio.

Laura studied product design in Palermo and Milan, Italy.

She has always had a passion for drawing from which she later ventured into the world of textile design, experimenting with various tools and colours on fabrics.


She has worked for some incredible textile companies in Italy and is now focused on her research of storytelling through fabrics. 


Laura’s work reflects her love for the illustration world. 

In her creation process she uses ink, markers, ecoline and watercolour. She also makes use of her iPad for her sketch work. 

Around me_ This collection was inspired by looking at the things surrounding Laura. From the flowers she saw on a friend’s curtain, to the pomegranate trees in the countryside and the horses in the streets of Palermo. 


Palermo_ This collection takes you on a journey inside Santa Caterina Monastery. Located next to the church with the same name, in Palermo. It’s a place of worship where the cloistered nuns lived in the past, watching the world outside pass by through the shutters. 

She hopes that people will enjoy the shapes and colours of the collection and get a real sense of how beautiful the place is.


What’s in my head_This collection is exactly what it says...things that are in Laura’s head. Spontaneous, free and unedited:)

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