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Mary Jean 

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Mary Jean was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Rustenburg.

Her fathers love of geology meant that all my childhood holidays were spent road tripping across southern Africa to remote areas to find and collect different gemstones and minerals. These trips brought about a great love for Southern Africa and a desire to explore more of the African continent, not only its geology but cultures, history and artworks.

She would like her designs to evoke a sense of tactility in the way they look hand-stamped but also to evoke a sense of vibrancy and movement in the use of the geometric patterns and symbols. She loves bold and contrasting colours and she unashamedly is hooked on the classic ‘black and white’ combination but is currently enjoying the deep mustard, teal and plum colour combinations.

Mary Jean’s preferred application of medium are Lino prints. That are then worked further digitally. She loves the tactile and hands-on nature of creating with Lino and then seeing it gain even more depth in the digital realm.

Her inspiration of her work is the beauty and simplicity of bold, geometric patterns and meaningful symbols found throughout – and unique to – the African continent.

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