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Hobbs & Borton

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In late 2021 once the lockdown restrictions had eased, Pauline journeyed into the Magaliesburg and immersed herself in the natural heritage of the site, following this she has returned to the same hill time and time again, sometimes once or twice a month, it’s become a ritual space of reflection and respite, which is documented through a plethora of photographic images, in which the seasons of change from 2021 – 2022 are evident. 


In mid-2022, Mike joined Pauline on one of these adventures at Stone Hill, Magaliesburg, South Africa, which led to an artistic studio in which images were integrated into their conceptualisation processes, here their Nirvana portfolio begins. These interactions have inspired a multitude of artistic works in progress, and ongoing engagements with the mountains will inspire more, an ever-growing world of natural symbols and iconography that pay tribute to the seasons that guide us all.


Inspired by this, they created an artwork that brings the outside in, in a series called Radiance. Connecting the two worlds: abstract, with elements of the real. Using creative methodologies of transforming nature's patterns into multi-layered artworks, hybrid designs emerged at various scales after multiple tests and prototypes. These are vibrant artworks that represent nature engulfing us, and the love and care that goes into nurturing a wonderland of plants and a connection with our landscape. 

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