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Titus Sekoati

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Titus was born and raised in Hammanskraal, South Africa. He started his design career early in his primary school years by drawing shapes from nature and buildings. He was bitten by the drawing bug ever since then.

Titus Sekoati is an interior design graduate, with a background in Industrial design and visual arts.  His inspiration is drawn from African aesthetics and sketches he produces to generate his conceptual work. In his work you will find lots of organic elements mixed with geometric shapes.

Collection Description

The long and eventful experience of Africans throughout their migration. Building their villages , the ancient traditions of decorating and accessorizing their bodies in rich and opulent ways provides  the inspiration behind his patterns in his design collection. By using enigmatic shapes manifested from African body art, jewellery and the geographic plans of their village landscapes, Titus created these inspired artworks for the collection Odyssey to Africa.

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