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r1. is a Johannesburg-based contemporary street artist. The essence of his work is to develop site-specific art pieces in public spaces, to create visual conversations with residents and the general public. His portfolio ranges from conceptual street art pieces, to permanent public artworks and exhibitions. 

Although his work has developed in multiple facets, he is recognised for his signature geometric style. His designs are inspired in road-safety signs and equipment, such as chevron street signs and barrier tape. r1. takes these simple and recognisable geometric symbols and re-appropriates them into a new narrative, manipulating them to reveal a unique visual aesthetic. The use of these materials and designs emerges from a deep exploration of Johannesburg city, which is structured around ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ boundaries.

Creating balance and harmony from symmetrical repetitions, his work builds layers of visual illusion that play with the viewer's perception, opening space for multiple possibilities of interpretation.

He has accomplished numerous public art interventions in South Africa, as well as showcased his work internationally in various street art events, such as Le Voyage à Nantes Festival, France (2016), Urban Art Biennale, Germany (2017), Nasimi Art Festival, Azerbaijan (2018).


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