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Meet Arkky Anindita Punarbhawa, a surface pattern designer & illustrator from Indonesia. Graduated with a BA in Visual Communication Design.


After working as a graphic designer for a few years, she tried to find another outlet for her art & creativity. Her love of the pattern world came from discovering keshigomu hanko, or the arts of eraser stamp carving, that leads to block-printing fabrics and now translated to artworks for digital print.

PaperOn Design is a multi-medium design practice, Arkky works with watercolour, printmaking, vector and digital illustration. Inspired by the movement found in nature, PaperOn Design works are mostly filled with flora and fauna.


About the collection


Safari Dream is a collection depicting the wonders of Africa. From the flora & fauna of the plains,  the marks on the beautiful cloth worn by the people, all depicted with hand-drawn lines and scribbles to form unique designs.

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