Sheni of Shenimosh Studio is a textile artist. All of her designs are heavily informed by her personal history growing up in Maseru, Nairobi, and Montreal, and subsequently living in Johannesburg, Maputo, and San Francisco. She believes in the power of visual storytelling and feels that each pattern and print she creates has a story behind it.


The main inspiration of all of her artwork is movement. She loves to experiment with different mediums to create motifs and then play around with different applications of colour, line, and texture to create seemingly multi-dimensional surfaces. 


Her prints are eclectic and could be applied to a variety of mediums, from clothing and accessories to homeware and wallpaper. As such, the preferred application of her designs are any surface that could benefit from having a surface pattern design.


She hopes that her designs provokes a feeling of curiosity in the people viewing them. She feels that great art can speak to people by allowing them to take a moment to really appreciate the artwork they’re looking at and think about not only the final design, but also all of the conceptualising, designing, and creating that went into that final design. Ultimately, She hopes that when someone looks at one of her designs, they are able to form a visceral connection with what they see in front of them.

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