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Alexander Adiels

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Alexander is an illustrator and pattern designer from Sweden.
He studied pattern design and painting after which he decided to opt for a career in illustration and design. 

He works primarily from home in his small office in Stockholm, which used to be a wardrobe. 

People often say it looks small and cluttered but he says his imagination thrives in a room without windows.
Alexander's style can be described as a mix between figurative and abstract motifs with both analog and digital methods used. 

He thinks of pattern design as a combination of art, design and puzzles with more than one possible outcome and that ́s what he loves about his work.

The collection is called Laws of a fraction and the idea behind the name is a play on the saying ”Laws of attraction”. A pattern consists of many parts and fractions that needs to go under the same main rule to work together. The smallest piece is just as important as the largest one and each part plays a role in completing the full image. The title is also a reference to natures fractals which can be found everywhere, in plants, animals, minerals etc. Fractals are a kind of pattern so I thought it would be fitting to use it in the title of the collection.

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