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Natalie Wienand Design

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Natalie is an entrepreneur and self-taught surface pattern designer with a background in photography.

She draws on her photography experience for inspiration in her creative process for pattern design.


Natalie lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and two daughters.

Her designs are inspired by the beautiful beaches, landscapes and flora of South Africa

More about the collection

Thandi Beloved is inspired by one of Natalie’s numerous journeys to the Sabi Sands bush area. Coming across leopards gracefully maneuvering through the wilderness is a sight that truly captivates her. It ranks among her top two favourite experiences in the bush. The way they stealthily sneak through their surroundings is nothing short of mesmerizing. Sightings of different nature but always fun to watch are a flock of Guinea Fowls running in various directions, appearing bewildered, adding a unique charm to the experience. 


This majestic queen, who reigned over the Sabi Sands area, lived for sixteen years. Her captivating beauty and fierce demeanor brought joy to many. She has left her legacy as she has mothered many of the leopards that now follow in her footsteps. Natalie felt it appropriate to honor her memory by naming this collection after her, as “Thandi” means beloved. 


The collection has two color schemes. The first Beauty features gentle pinks and teals, evoking a sense of serenity. The second, Fierceness, offers a more vibrant combination, incorporating navy hues with a striking touch of lime green.

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