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Jesse is the Founder and creative director of 'Taste my Waffle' and a Non profit movement 'The South Africanist'.

He grew up in Orlando East, Soweto and is now based in Cape Town.
He studied Fine Arts and Visual Communication at the AAA School of Advertising in Johannesburg and has participated
in a number of NGO’s and community projects throughout the years.

With numerous awards and achievements under his belt, Jesse is one talented and passionate artist who is making SA a better place!

Eyethu Nathi le South Africa

Last year Jesse ran a campaign called "Eyethu Nathi le South Africa" translated "This South Africa is ours too” The goal of the campaign was to discuss issues such as Xnephobia, Woman & Child Abuse and their safety in our country. To do that he produced 3 posters and shared them via social media platforms. He took inspiration from his posters to create patterns for fabric printing, each of these patterns has been given a person’s name that is representative of some of the different African nationalities found in South Africa today.

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